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Product, Portrait & Branding/Lifestyle Photography/Videography 

Hi There, I’m Tanysha


Known for our ability to capture uniquely original moments with our lens, clients are always in store for something special when they turn to CreateHer Visuals for our photography/videography needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


The Experience

Welcome to my Photography Portfolio and thank you for visiting. I’m dedicated to capturing your special moments and bringing them to life, and with my strong experience and skill set you can rest assured that your shots will be extraordinary. Check out my portfolio and get in touch with me to schedule your shoot today.

Product Photography

Finding the right package to capture your product/food in the best possible light can be tricky. That’s why I offer a variety of services to match your needs. You can learn more about all the different options here or get in touch to schedule a private consultation. In need of something more customized? No problem. Just contact me.


I help brands, businesses and influencers make an impact through dynamic and targeted marketing solutions. Explore my detailed Branding Portfolio and get in touch to discover how I can help take your brand to the next level.

Portrait Photography 

CreateHer Visuals has everything you need to ensure your shoot is a success. From pre- and post-shoot advice to image editing and touch-ups, their range of professional services ensure you’ll receive the picture perfect outcome. Get in touch to find out more about their services.